Krishna Stamping


Krishna Stamping

Krishna Electricals is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of Electrical Stamping & Laminations in India, in the continuous expertise of enhancing the technologies into the market by providing the services to Submersible Pump manufacturers, Domestic Pump-Motor manufacturers, AC/DC Motor manufacturers, Induction Motor manufacturers, Fan manufacturers, Compressor manufacturers, Lift & Heavy Duty Product manufacturers, Current Transformer manufacturers, Welding Transformer manufacturers.

Krishna Electricals Established the business in the year 2005 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA) with the production capacity of just 250 MT per year with the aim of providing the services to the customers with all the Electrical Stamping & Laminations succeeded & now Krishna Electricals production Capacity is 300 MT in a month's time duration. For better customer base & in continuous evaluation for expertise in the Electrical Stamping & Laminations, we provide the extreme ease in the value - added services to customers & material equipment & technological Upgradation.

Krishna Electricals in continuous progress is now the most trusted & selfdriven business with facilities provided covering India mainly focusing Global in near future. Looking towards the near future, Krishna Electricals have expanded its capabilities & invested in new technology for providing the best quality of Electrical Stamping & Lamination products for ever growing customer base.

"Krishna Electricals is in continuous improvement of technology & exceeding customer's expectations."

Krishna Electricals Endeavour to provide the results as per the commitment made by producing the best results from all the technological enhancements & support to our customers. We shall be the leading company dedicated to Excellence & Professionalis.


Krishna Stamping

Mr. Suresh Patel and Mr. Ketan Mehta are the partners who have served the society with their vision of manufacturing the metal stampings initiating from Ahmedabad, Mr. Suresh has completed his Electrical Engineering Specialization to add the knowledge in his business. Mr. Ketan they initiated their business with a penny in pocket but mind full of dreams the journey of manufacturing Electrical Stamping & Laminations to leading in India today.

In the start of twenty first century & understanding the market growth with the ease of the producing all the Electrical Stamping & Laminations providing the customer centric services they had started their journey to follow their dreams of becoming Global leader in Electrical Stamping & Laminations which is not the farsighted now.