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Our philosophy is simple: Consistency, Obligation & Adaptability in any area of Electrical Stamping & Laminations for Motors, Submersible pumps, Fans, Alternators or any other electrical motor manufactures.


We are delighted to have the experienced team of professionals & infrastructure to undertake the process & give the benefits of taking over even the most complex Electrical Stamping & Laminations designs. Krishna Electricals is known for its customized services & the perfection in every design that it undertakes. Working from the past 14 years has conferred us with an expert knowledge to provide customized attention to meet individual customer needs.

We provide the services that is advanced in terms of technology & customer enhancement. We provide services of

Gang Punching

High Speed Progressive Punching

Auto Argon Welding

Auto Clitting

Auto Argon Skewed Welding

Auto Skewed Clitting

Aluminium Die-Cast Rotor

Decarbonisation (Hi-Perm) Annealing Process

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Welding is offered for motor laminations to create the assembled cores of the highest qualities. We provide it a way that it creates a mechanically strong Stack(Core) that eliminates the need for in-house stack & weld assembly.


Through our annealing technology, we improve the performance of the Electrical Stamping & Laminations, which in turn, improves the performance of the Motor in the final application. The process decreases inter-laminar resistance by adding an oxide coating & relieves stamping stresses for lower core loss & improved permeability.


We manufacture aluminium die-cast rotors to a variety of customer as per their specifications.